Professional Club Fitting

The best golf equipment is useless if it is not professionally fit to you. There are many factors that go into determining which combinations of club type, specifications, and set makeup you will benefit the most from. The fittings are always included in the price of the clubs you buy, so don't pass up the opportunity to take advantage of these services. Club fitting specifications can be used for any brand of club.

Driver Fittings

Finding the right combination of driver loft and shaft type can add up to 20 yards to most players tee shots. We use the Callaway Opti-Fit Driver Fitting System to help you find the combination that is right for you. We are one of only two Callaway Opti-Fit Systems in the state of West Virginia.

Iron and Hybrid Fittings

Finding the right combination of length, lie angle, shaft type and flex, grip size and set makeup are all important parts to finding the right equipment for your swing. The right combination will assure that your new clubs will help you become a better golfer, instead of just being a golfer with new clubs.

Wedge and Putter Fittings

Let us help you customize your wedges and putters to match up with your short game. We will help you identify which loft and bounce combinations will help you hit the types of shots you rely on to get the ball close to the hole.