Golf Rules & Regulations

Men’s and Women’s Golf Association

A yearly fee for each Association will be charged in January. These monies will be used to subsidize both association's Golf and Social events. Any person using the Club’s handicap service must be a member of the appropriate associations.

Pace of Play

1. With no one in front, an average of 14 minutes per hole is a good gauge of an acceptable pace,  Always keep pace with the group in front. Twosomes and singles must not expect to go through other groups when the course is full. Courtesy, common sense and regard for your fellow members will go a long way towards the enjoyment of all of our golf rounds played.
2. Pace of Play for 18 holes shall not exceed 4 hours and 10 minutes.
3. For new golfers participating in the 9 hole group, your round should not exceed 2 hours and 30 minutes.
a) Players violating pace of play rules will receive a warning (turtle letter) issued by the Board of Governors.
b) Any Golfer receiving three letters in the same golf season will lose their prime time golfing

Members or guests may pay cash or charge merchandise, lessons, etc. All charges will appear as a lump sum on their monthly statement.
Pro Shop Phone 304-295-4841 or 304-295-7000

Golf Dress Codes


Male golfer’s 14 years and older, must wear shirts with collars and sleeves, no tank tops or T-Shirts. Shorts must be mid-thigh and of the Bermuda type. No blue jeans from March thru October. Members, you are responsible for the dress of your guests.


Lady golfers’ skirts or shorts must be mid-thigh. No blue jeans from March thru October, No tennis attire, halter-tops, tank tops or T-shirts are allowed. Sleeveless shirts are OK, but collars are preferred.

Golf Rules

Tee Time Policy

Tee times can now be made on our tee time app with the proper credentials.  These tee times are set to start at 6:00 AM each day and can be made as far as 7 days in advance.  You may also call the golf shop to make your tee times at 304-295-7000, these times may also be for as much as 7 days in advance.  Practice rounds for specific events will be monitored and contestants in those events will be notified of the specifics.
** No more than three times per day shall be allowed by any individual.

Practice Range

Entire Range is Closed All Day Monday.
Tuesday 7:30 AM - Sundown
Wednesday 7:30 AM to (2) Hrs. before Sundown
Thursday 9:00 AM - Sundown
Friday 7:30 AM - Sundown
Saturday 7:30 AM - Sundown
Sunday 7:30 AM - 5:00 PM

Parkersburg Country Club Does Not Allow Traditional Steel Spikes, Soft Spikes Only

Starting Times

Cancellation of starting time should be made as early as possible but in any case, at least one hour before the scheduled tee time. On Weekends and Holidays, failure to cancel a tee time in a timely manner can result in the members being charged an amount equal to the full golf cart fee.

Tournament Rules

1. All ties will be settled using hole-by-hole score from hole 18 backwards unless otherwise specified.
2. Prize money will be awarded in Golf Shop merchandise / credit.
**All credit expires on October 31st**


1. Carts shall be kept on asphalt paths unless the 90 Degree rule is in effect.
2. Carts shall be kept at least 30 feet from all Tees and Greens.  NO carts are permitted beyond the return to path posts.
3. Habitual violation of cart rules will result in the loss of cart privileges.
4. Two riders only in carts at all times.
5. You are responsible for any damage that you or your guest do to any golf carts.
6. You must be 16 years old and have a valid drivers license to drive the golf carts.
7. The golf professional and ranger will enforce all playing and cart rules, and has the right to revoke cart privileges.